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We pride with over 150 years of combined expertise in professional Technical Chemical Cleaning for various Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Methanol Plants, ASU plants, Ammonia Plants, Offshore Platforms, Oxygen Lines Fin-Fan Coolers and others.

Specialised in degreasing, pickling and passivation of stainless steel,alloy steel and carbon steel. Blasting and painting are also performed . Tandex can also mobilise equipment to perform cleaning at customers plant site.

Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning to clean CCPP,coal fired thermal, natural circulation, super critical boilers, alkali boilout and cleaning of scaled boilers. Tandex also performs low noise (<80db) steam blowing program in order to protect the turbine against intrusion of any large solid matter which causes damage on the steam turbine.

Acid Cleaning of water tube and fire tube boilers used in Palm Oil Mills, Refineries, Timber and other industries using small boilers.

The cleanliness of lube oil and hydraulic oil piping systems is safe guarded by cleaning to ISO and NAS-class norms. Tandex performs oil flushing in accordance to these norms. Tandex also uses online particle counter machine.


Post/ Pre Commissioning (Power)
  • Natural Circulation and Forced Circulation
  • Cogen Power Plants (720 MW per unit capacity) 800 MW Coal Fired

Post/ Pre Commissioning (Petrochemical)
  • Amine , De-greasing, Compression Suction line
  • HRSG’s and  Waste Heat Boilers (WHB)
  • HRSG’s with the attest GE Turbine
  • We clean complete water+ steam cycle
  • ECO, Waterwall, Evaporation, SH
  • Oxygen line + Hydrogen Lines
High Pressure Water Jet/
Aqua Miling/Hydrolazing
  • In association with Aqua Drill
Metal Laundry Dipping Method
  • Mainly Petrochemical Industry
  • For turbine lube oil piping system
  • Oxygen service + hydrogen service piping systems
  • Stainless steel + Carbon Steel + Aluminium + Alloy Steel: Pipes and Spool Vessels, Tanks & Instruments
Steam Blowing
  • In association with Steam Blow Co and Steam Blow Services  (UK) for Power & Petrochemical and Refineries
  • Low Noise Continuous Steam Blowing
  • Intermediate Steam Blowing
  • On-line Pneumatically Operated Target Inserter
  • Silencer, Sacrificial Valves, Large Size Valves
  • Blowing of 1000MW ++ single unit
Waste Water Treatment
  • Generated during chemical cleaning
  • Meet Government Regulation
  • Mobile Treatment Plants
  • Onsite Treatment with portable equipments

Mega Projects


Tandex was awarded contract by Lurgi to do metal laundry for the Air Separation Unit (ASU) for Petronas Methanol Labuan. This was a new plant producing Methanol and was the biggest in Asia in 2008.


Rapid Pengerang is a MEGA Petronas refinery and petrochemical complex. The entire project is said to cost approximately US 90 billion.

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Being professionals in the field of chemical cleaning, Tandex Chemicals takes pride in delivering high quality, on- time and cost-effective projects. We provide our services to the needs and requirements of our customers for their total satisfaction.


Tandex Chemicals is a pioneer in Chemical Cleaning of Power Station Boilers and Petrochemical Plants in Malaysia since 1986. Tandex – world’s leading company based in Asia takes pride in providing our services worldwide.

Metal Laundry

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