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Company Information

Tandex Chemicals Sdn Bhd is a tech-entrepreneurial Company that is positioned to provide services and undertake projects in the Industrial cleaning and maintenance of production plants in Malaysia and other countries in ASIA.

The emphasis is on “Technology” and the drawing upon of expertise from Germany and other developed countries that are interested in the transfer of skills to  Malaysians  through  partnerships  with Tandex and its subsidiaries.

Our Mission

To acquire the required technology and develop an effective Malaysian workforce, through the transfer of skills, to achieve excellence in service provided to clients and high ethical values and standards within our company.

Our Strategy

Tandex has embarked on a strategy of “smart partnership” and have acquired controlling equity in enterprise with proven track-records in securing and delivering highly skilled technical projects and consultative activities at the expected quality, within the stipulated costs and time-frames.

Tandex has in partnership with the associate companies been active in the cleaning and maintenance of boilers and ancillary equipment in the power generation and oil palm sectors.

Tandex Chemicals, teamed up with Therm Services of Germany who are world leaders in chemical cleaning since 1966 through agency agreement for over 16 year. As of January 2008, Tandex Chemicals stands on its own.

Market Analysis & Local Composition


The demand in this sector is projected to grow as the industrial programmes in countries give rise to more power generation plants, petro-chemical refineries, chemical plants, steel and paper-making mills, shipbuilding and repair yards. These will create the need for specialist industrial cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that the plants remain safe and efficint.

The future will demand more specialised and skilled techniques to cope with maintaining these the new plants that are being built, bigger and more sophisticated. Cleaning and maintenance is critical factor insuring minimal downtime and maximum output.

Traditionally the chemical cleaning business had been handled by Singapore and other countries. However, now we have the technology, expertise and equipment to perform the job locally.

Our local manpower have received on job training locally and abroad. Our principals are brought only to supervise major projects.

All major equipments are containerised and based in Malaysia. This is to ensure that cost are kept to minimum, available at short notice when required and shipped around to the ASEAN countries.

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